IV International Forum «Capital Market of the Republic of Belarus» was held in Minsk

IV International Forum «The Capital Market of the Republic of Belarus» has already become a traditional annual event which was held in Minsk on March 20, 2014. A significant number of participants, representative speakers, discussed issues and media interest, including broadcast, reiterated the uniqueness and high status of the event.

A set of various important issues for the Belarusian economy were covered at the forum: the dynamics of interest rate for credits, devaluation expectations, foreign debt, the possible consequences of the recession in Russia for the Belarusian business, attraction of foreign investments, and the forum participants provided the examples of successful development business by foreign investors in Belarus as well.

The organizers of the IV International Forum «Capital Market of the Republic of Belarus» were Cbonds Information Agency and the investment company Capital Times. 

The representative of Baker Tilly Bel being one of the event sponsors delivered a presentation on the issue of «Corporate governance and strategic business success».

The Forum was supported by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.