Succession Reset. Family Business Succession in the 21st Century

As noted in the research, the approaches to succession in family business has been redefined in the 21st century. 

The practice of what a ‘family in business’ looks like and how it works has changed dramatically through such factors as globalization and digitalisation. Many of what were considered ‘the norms’ for family business succession no longer prevail and new models are being created to carry forward a new generation of families in business.

During 4 years experts of Baker Tilly International investigated how the process of succession in family business changed around the world.

Interviews of the research participants were held across 56 countries in nine languages. In this new era of succession there is significantly more uncertainty and complexity.

That is why it is necessary to be able to make businesses ‘succession-ready’.

The full copy of Succession Reset: Family Business Succession in the 21st Century Report 2014 is available on this link.