Baker Tilly Bel renders professional services in accounting and tax accounting, outsourcing of personnel records and payroll. 

At present outsourcing of accounting is an actual and popular type of services both among Belarusian and foreign companies, regardless of their activities.

Baker Tilly Bel offers outsourcing services in the field of accounting and tax accounting, including:

  • preparation of tax returns;
  • maintenance of comprehensive accounting and tax accounting;
  • maintenance of separate sections of accounting and tax accounting, assistance in the preparation of bank payment instructions;
  • calculation of wages and taxes from the wage fund, personnel records management, military accounting (payroll, HR);
  • conducting the tax accounting of the company, drawing up of the tax reporting (tax compliance);
  • consulting services for conducting a tax review of the company with the provision of conclusions and recommendations;
  • restoration of accounting and tax accounting;
  • development of certain norms and regulations of the company in the field of accounting, management accounting and taxation:
    • the organization's policies in the field of accounting and taxation, the company's provisions on the work of accounting and interaction with other services of the organization; 
    • development of workflow schedules and a calendar of reports based on the specifics of the company's activities;
  • an independent assessment of the work of the customer's accounting service, its effectiveness and the full use of software capabilities to automate accounting and settlement operations with the provision of recommendations for improving the work of the accounting service.
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Contact person for all issues related to sustainable development services: Martha Belskaya.