GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) is the most authoritative standard in the world regulating non-financial reporting. It is based on the idea that the success of a company directly depends on its sustainable long-term development. Therefore, non-financial reporting in accordance with the GRI standard allows to better understand the problems, risks and prospects of business development, as well as to determine its financial, economic and social value.
While in many developed countries non-financial reporting has become a common practice, in Belarus this area is just starting to develop.
Baker Tilly Bel, LLC offers a training service "GRI Sustainability Reporting" with the participation of certified trainer Rolf Schwerry (Switzerland).

Training purpose

  • Introduction to the specifics of non-financial reporting and the requirements of the GRI standard;
  • Increasing competence in the use of the standard.

For whom?

The training is addressed to CSR managers and employees and others who involved in non-financial reporting activities.

Training process

The training is interactive and includes practical exercises. The process uses approved GRI materials and presentations.

The training provides an opportunity to communicate with specialists from other companies, as well as to exchange experiences. 

At the end of the training each participant receives a GRI certificate.

Note. Rolf Schwery is the head of Schwery Consulting (Switzerland), which holds a GRI license for training activities in Eastern Europe and Russia. Schwery is a certified GRI trainer. He speaks five languages, including Russian. He has graduated from the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) in Economics, holds a Master's degree from the Manchester Faculty (UK) and a PhD from the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Rolf Schwery is the head of GRI training in Russia and cooperates with member firms of the UN Global Compact. He was Director of the Swiss Academy of Social Development (SAD). He is currently the head of his company and consults companies in many countries around the world.