An integrated report is a summary of the impact of a company's chosen management strategy, performance and prospects in the external environment on its value. It is regulated by the The International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC).

The main objective of an integrated report is to explain to capital providers how a company creates value over an extended period of time. Such a report is necessary for all interested parties, including investors, employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, local communities, as well as legislative and regulatory bodies.

Benefits of integrated reporting

  • Increase in the quality of information provided to capital providers and, as a consequence, the efficiency and effectiveness of resource management;
  • Creating a more holistic and qualitative approach to reporting, combining reports from different directions and including data on all factors that affect the formation of business value;
  • Increased accountability and responsibility for a wide range of capitals, as well as a better understanding of their interconnectedness;
  • Integrated thinking, as well as an ability to focus on value creation in different periods of time.